Troubleshooting WooCommerce Issues – Where to Start

As a lot of people with WooCommerce on a .org site know, things may break. Sometimes conflicts arise when third party themes or extensions are used. Updates might break a custom feature or hook installed. An extension may not display how it should. You might experience slowdown. The possibilities are endless, but there are a … Read more

WooThemes Acquired by Automattic

In case you haven’t heard the hot news in the WordPress & eCommerce world, Automattic (the creators of the WordPress platform) have acquired WooThemes and their centerpiece product, WooCommerce. Naturally there are going to be a lot of questions, but rest assured – nothing will change right away, and the users will stay informed! Check … Read more

The Best and Worst Themes for WooCommerce – 2015

Day-to-day, working with WooCommerce puts me in touch with users around the globe. From selling services to selling products and everything in between, a huge part of these small businesses rely solely on a stable eCommerce platform – naturally, the wisest choose WooCommerce. Lightweight, flexible, and adaptable, it’s far and above the competition… But unfortunately, … Read more

Two WordCamp adventures in one month – come say hi!

The blog’s been quiet lately, I know! Between a halted marketing series thread and regular updates, it’s like I’ve gone off the grid… Not so! I finally can announce the big plans for March – I’ll be attending TWO WordCamps, so come out and say hi, or if you’re in the area, let’s grab a … Read more

The Wonders of Working at a Distributed Company

I won’t go into long paragraphs here, but I just wanted to show just how cool the Internet is. Technology has allowed people around the world to work together in a distributed company environment – such a mind blowing concept that ten years ago would have seemed impossible. I give you the WooThemes distributed team … Read more

Invoicing Clients with WooCommerce

Hey all! I came across an interesting situation today – a user wanted to be able to accept payments from clients or customers through WooCommerce, without making it a full fledged store or worrying about integrating with accounting software. It’s too cool of a use to pass by, so I made a quick video walk … Read more

Move the Main Navigation in WooThemes Canvas

For anyone who has worked with me or talked about picking a WordPress theme, they’ll know that I almost¬†always suggest the Canvas theme from With a nice clean slate and a huge selection of user-facing options, Canvas can be modified to fit any need – as shown by the growing variety of Canvas Child … Read more