The Best and Worst Themes for WooCommerce – 2015

Day-to-day, working with WooCommerce puts me in touch with users around the globe. From selling services to selling products and everything in between, a huge part of these small businesses rely solely on a stable eCommerce platform – naturally, the wisest choose WooCommerce. Lightweight, flexible, and adaptable, it’s far and above the competition… But unfortunately, … Read more

Speaking at WordCamp Providence

Today, I was lucky enough to speak at WordCamp Providence about the Flexibility of WooCommerce. Couldn’t make it? Don’t worry, neither could I! Instead, we recorded it via Google Hangouts, so everyone can enjoy it here. Watch & Listen Download the Slides Since the video seemed to get stuck and miss some slides, you can download … Read more

The Best WooCommerce Extensions for Online Stores

Take it from a WooCommerce Ninja – there are some awesome WooCommerce plugins out there. I’ve heard a lot of people claiming that WC can’t stack up to ‘real'(expensive) e-commerce platforms, and simply put that’s a lie. The only difference between the two is pricing. You, as the store owner, can go one of two … Read more