Quickly Add CSS to Your WordPress Website

While we’re all anxiously awaiting part 2 of my Marketing guide (so much has come up to share lately!), I thought I’d make a quick post to address one of the most common questions I come across in WooThemes Support –¬†“How do I add CSS to my theme?” What You Need A WordPress Installation My … Read more

An Introduction to Responsive Design

Responsive design. It’s a term we hear a lot when we talk about websites, and we’re constantly bombarded with people saying that it’s a necessity – your site has to be responsive… And with the number of different phones, tablets, and computers people use today, there is some truth to that. Before we get into … Read more

Customize WooCommerce Order Status Icons

A situation recently came up where a user thought that the WooCommerce Order Status Icons in the Orders page were too small and difficult to distinguish. This could be especially true on older monitors, smaller screens, or even different lighting, so let’s change it up! What this will achieve is increasing the size of those … Read more