A Journey through the West in the 48 Hour Film Project

As you may have already read about, over the weekend I chose to lead a team through this year’s 48 Hour Film Project for Cincinnati, Ohio. The premise is simple – on Friday you’re given a genre, a character, a prop, and a line of dialogue, and on Sunday you have to turn in a completed … Read more

Recovery from Recovery

This is an open letter to the members of DAFT Theater – an excellent UC Student Group with whom I’ve been working with in creating a series of short films. Regular techies, check out this blog post to tide you over. Hey everyone, It’s Danny here, going to give one final status update on the … Read more

The Hobbit – A Review Three Years in the Making

The other night, I finally got the chance to see The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies, the last installation in Peter Jackson’s three-part adaptation of the J.R.R. Tolkien classic. I’ll come clean which might upset some purist fanboys – The Hobbit has never been my favorite work by Tolkien. I love stories of grand … Read more

WooCommerce Conference Highlights Video

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to attend the WooCommerce Conference in sunny San Francisco – working with the A/V team, we put together a quick WooCommerce Conference Highlights video on what everyone missed out on, slow-mo jenga and bloody marys included. Don’t worry though – follow the blog so you can come next year!

Invoicing Clients with WooCommerce

Hey all! I came across an interesting situation today – a user wanted to be able to accept payments from clients or customers through WooCommerce, without making it a full fledged store or worrying about integrating with accounting software. It’s too cool of a use to pass by, so I made a quick video walk … Read more

We got two scenes in Star Wars Uncut!

YOU GUYS. I’M SO EXCITED. Almost two years ago, I grabbed some friends over the weekend and directed two scenes for Star Wars Uncut, a fan-made recreation of The Empire Strikes Back split into 15 second segments. Just last night, I got news that it’s finally releasing… And that both of my scenes made it in! That’s … Read more

Speaking at WordCamp Providence

Today, I was lucky enough to speak at WordCamp Providence about the Flexibility of WooCommerce. Couldn’t make it? Don’t worry, neither could I! Instead, we recorded it via Google Hangouts, so everyone can enjoy it here. Watch & Listen Download the Slides Since the video seemed to get stuck and miss some slides, you can download … Read more