Invoicing Clients with WooCommerce

Hey all!

I came across an interesting situation today – a user wanted to be able to accept payments from clients or customers through WooCommerce, without making it a full fledged store or worrying about integrating with accounting software. It’s too cool of a use to pass by, so I made a quick video walk through to show you how you can use the free WooCommerce plugin for client or customer invoices.

P.S. – It should be noted that if you’re looking for a less manual system, then the Name Your Price extension allows customers to enter the payment amount without any password protection – it works and I’ve seen it before, but I like to have more control with my invoices 🙂

3 thoughts on “Invoicing Clients with WooCommerce”

  1. Great idea Daniel.

    If you could wrap up the visibility and password protection elements in a plugin and enable the cart / checkout buttons to be ‘Pay Invoice’ instead of ‘Add to Cart’ and ‘Proceed to Checkout’ then it would be more powerful. Tweaks like removing the quantity and delivery address would also streamline it. Now I’m convincing myself we need to make something do that too!

    • I agree, Dan. I’m new to the WooCommerce world but I’ve been in retail for over 20 years. I have office customers who purchase from me and they sometimes just send me an email with their order. I prepare the invoice and send it to them for payment through PayPal. The ‘Pay Invoice’, along with the ability to change their order prior to payment would be ideal.


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