WordPress Security 102

WordPress Security 102: Essential Tricks and Tips

In this installation of the “Locking Down WordPress” series covering security, we’ll be looking at specific settings and tricks you can do using the free iThemes Security plugin. For this guide, you’ll need: A clean WordPress installation (or at least one you can play around with) FTP Access to your WordPress installation A copy of […]


Locking Down Your WordPress Site – Security 101

Locking Down your WordPress Site – Protecting yourself from hackers, bots, and scammers With recent, high-profile security issues like Heartbleed and the long-time-coming Internet Explorer Day One Bug, security should be at the forefront of any web developer’s mind. How do I keep my site secure? How do I stop hacking attempts? HOW DO I […]


The Return of Comic Sans

Known across the internet and in designer handbooks everywhere as a terrible font (there’s even a semi-joking movement to ban it), Comic Sans has long been left to amateur little league fliers and church bake sales and out of the professional’s toolkit… UNTIL NOW. Released on April 8, 2014 (seven days after April Fools, must […]

Autism and Vaccinations

Sparked by the recent news of Chili’s Donating 10% of Profits to Anti-Vaccination organizations, I thought it would be a nice chance to post this video to clearly demonstrate my stance on the matter: UPDATE (4/8/14): Good news, everyone! Chili’s cancelled the fundraiser due to public backlash.


How to Safely Update WordPress, WooCommerce, Themes, and Extensions.

When it comes to WordPress errors, there are a million-and-a-half ways any given error can crop up.  Most quality vendors (WooThemes, of course) offer great support, but due to volume they’re often a little slow to get to your ticket, which causes frustration for you, your clients, your customers, and pretty much everyone involved.  Luckily, […]