I’m presenting at WordCamp Philly 2015!

Come see me talk in Philadelphia! WordCamp Philly 2015 is a weekend-long event will take place June 13th-14th, and although Paddy’s Pub isn’t a place I’m pretty sure Rob McElhenney owns a real bar (so there’s my in). Fantasy friendships aside, you’ll get to hear me talk about extra-fun topics, like building an entire game system using … Read more

Changing WooCommerce Cart Icon Styles

Similar to my guide on how to change order status icons in WooCommerce, I frequently get asked how to change the WooCommerce Cart Icon (and icons all around the site itself). It’s not as bad as you’d think – here’s a quick walkthrough on how you can change the cart message icons in your WooCommerce shop. First, … Read more

An Introduction to Responsive Design

Responsive design. It’s a term we hear a lot when we talk about websites, and we’re constantly bombarded with people saying that it’s a necessity – your site has to be responsive… And with the number of different phones, tablets, and computers people use today, there is some truth to that. Before we get into … Read more

Why the US Government Wouldn’t Save $400 million with Garamond

In case you haven’t seen the latest craze floating around social media, there have been reports that a 14-year-old student has found a way to have the government save $400 million dollars per year… Just by switching typefaces on their documents! It’s as easy as clicking the dropdown in Word, so how is it the … Read more