Creating a Scaling Shipping Fee in WooCommerce

A common question I see in ecommerce shops is someone trying to create a scaling shipping cost with a minimum fee. That’s a complicated way of saying it, but here’s a few examples of how it could be implemented:

  • “$2 shipping & handling per product with a $10 minimum”
  • “Orders under 10 pounds are $20 to ship, with $1 per pound afterwards.”

I know there’s some people who want a quick video and some who want some nice text, so choose one (or both) and get going!

 What You’ll Need


Text (Really just an image) Walk-through

In your Table Rate Shipping Settings, you’ll want to create a setup like this:

Click to see a full size version.
Click to see a full size version.

Have a better way, or think I’m going around it the wrong way? Let me know in the comments!

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