WooThemes Video Production

As a member of the WooThemes Ninja Team, I spent time over the summer of 2014 revamping their WooThemes Video workflow process and kickstarting a series of video initiatives that will continue with renewed effort continuing into 2015.

Taking consumer feedback and impressions gained from the WooThemes Community, we started a WooCommerce 101 video series that would take users from start to finish in setting up their installation – essentially a complete set of documentation done via video. Once WooCommerce was roadmapped, we began branching out to cover the most popular themes and WooCommerce extensions.

After examination of the initial videos, we discovered an optimal length where user interaction peaked before it began to fall off. Taking this into consideration, we adapted the 101 program to have bite-sized videos that can be strung together to form a complete course, or simply answer a question the customer might search for in the Knowledge Base.

As a third point of attack, we began investing time in advanced setup video tutorials – how to achieve complex setups that are easy to maintain with the tools available.

Throughout the project, I was involved in planning, scriptwriting, editing, production, and deployment – ultimately seeing that no video was forgotten and that continuous progress was made towards a final goal.

You can view the continually growing Video Knowledge Base here, or see it throughout the basic setup documentation.

Video Examples

WooCommerce 101 – Setting Up Shop

WooCommerce 101 – PayPal Standard

WooCommerce Variation Swatches and Photos

How to Sell your Photography with WooCommerce