48 Hour Film Project 2015

Just as the last film is entering the meat of post-production, I stand up like Rocky at the end of Rocky V and face my protege – I didn’t hear no bell… That, or I’m just a glutton for punishment. Every time I do a film I swear it’s my last, and every time an opportunity comes up I jump for it – that’s why I’ve entered a team in Cincinnati’s 48 Hour Film Project (powered by VIAI LLC, my “don’t sue me guys!” front).

Starting on Friday, May 29th and going until Sunday, May 31st, a scrappy team of E-Media grads and movie enthusiasts will group up and start yelling at each other to figure out how to produce a 4 to 7 minute short film with the following restrictions:

  • The genre will be a random draw during the kickoff event
  • The film must include a character and a prop that the Festival establishes beforehand
  • During the film, we must feature a line of dialogue given to us by the Festival on the spot

That’s right – no pre-planning, no pre-production, just straight up talent from start to finish.

Join Team VIAI!

That said, I need help! This is an open call for the following:

  • Writers
  • Video Editors – should be experienced with the Adobe editing suite! Our workflow will be cross-platform and include:
    • Prelude (potential, for logging purposes), Audition (for audio editing), Premiere (for video editing), After Effects (SFX), Media Encoder (for… well, Encoding).
  • Audio Experts – For the love of god, we need audio experts! Recording and mixing – if you know it, show it.
  • Musicians – Like to score movies? Here’s your shot!
  • Crew Members – Production Assistants, Lighting Techs, Electricians, and producers needed. SUPER IMPORTANT! We need organizers desperately – if you have a knack for OCD then this is your dream job.
  • Actors – Naturally, we’ll need on screen talent! If you’ve acted with me before that’s an obvious plus, but if not, then now’s a good time to start.

If any of these positions appeal to you, then contact me ASAP.

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