Quickly Add CSS to Your WordPress Website

While we’re all anxiously awaiting part 2 of my Marketing guide (so much has come up to share lately!), I thought I’d make a quick post to address one of the most common questions I come across in WooThemes Support – “How do I add CSS to my theme?”

What You Need

  • A WordPress Installation
  • My recommended plugin of choice, Simple Custom CSS
  • Some CSS you want to apply

Why You Need It

You’re probably wondering why this is necessary – with WordPress, there’s a half dozen ways to achieve anything, especially something as quick and dirty as adding CSS. With this method though, you take advantage of a few benefits:

  1. The code will not be overwritten when you update your theme (though you should be using a Child Theme anyway, hint hint).
  2. The code doesn’t require a child theme (should you not need one) or a specific function to call in a new sheet.
  3. The code is neatly stored in the plugin, so when you DO update your child theme you know exactly what it is you need to add.

Video: How to Quickly Add CSS to your WordPress Website

 Text Instructions

Not too keen on video tutorials? Me either to be honest, so here’s a quick step-by-step!

  1. Install Simple Custom CSS
  2. Navigate to Appearance > Custom CSS
  3. Enter the required CSS in the field, replacing the blank content that is there by default. Save.

After that, you should be good to go!

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