General Update to WordCampers and Everyone Else

March was a busy month! First came WordCamp Dayton (I swear I’ll get those slides and stuff up soon for you guys), and then came WordCamp Atlanta, followed by a wedding, two new clients, and more rain than I know what to do with.

To everyone who I spoke to at both WordCamps – I definitely will get back to you, just as soon as I get things back under control. 🙂

woocommerce-cookbook-coverUntil then, everyone should go pick up (or download) my good buddy Patrick Rauland’s awesome new book, the WooCommerce Cookbook. It’s a perfect starting point for any shop owner, WooCommerce newcomer, or even a seasoned developer to use and show the users the ropes. From A to Z he’s got it covered, but who would expect less?


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