Dingo Rewards Program


As with any brand, customer loyalty is a huge key to success. Dingo Rawhide Bones have a huge, extremely loyal fanbase – in an attempt to better reach those customers and engage with them in new ways, the Dingo Rewards Program was born.

Dingo Rewards uses the 500 Friends Rewards Platform to build a new section of the regular brand website dedicated to the Rewards system. Rewards and badges are given out in points through purchases and special offers, but also through everyday actions like sharing a Dingo post on Twitter, opening a Dingo e-mail, or uploading a picture of your dog. Points can then be redeemed for special offers like discounts and sales.

In addition to the points system, this platform opened up a new opportunity for e-mail promotions and added exclusivity to the program. With an enrollment rate of just over 96% in the first year of operation, the Dingo Rewards Program has been a huge success in gathering and rewarding the brand’s most loyal customers, driving them to upload over 300 pictures in 2013, share dozens of products and statuses, and drive sales in a way that consumers enjoy.

I was involved in the Dingo Rewards Program from day one, leading planning and strategy to create different tiers, badges, and goals. As well as creating graphics and branding for the program, I created all of the HTML design used in the program that was integrated seamlessly through iframes on the Dingo brand site and Facebook, even during customer checkout. After launch, I was involved in management and promotion of the program.

Click Here to see the Dingo Rewards Program.

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