Amazon A+ Pages

In addition to the standard product listing, offers its sellers the opportunity to create what they call an “A+ Page”, which is additional content written in HTML with strict Amazon-regulated file sizes, code syntax, and positioning rules. Depending on the product category, clients have seen anywhere from 150% – 300% increase in sales on after Amazon A+ Page development.

Below are some of the examples from the 150+ A+ Pages I have created – to view the full page, click on the thumbnail.

Update: July, 2015

Since the projects below have been completed, Amazon has changed their A+ system quite a bit. First, they started telling clients there was no such service (even though the examples below prove otherwise), and then tried to offer a drag-and-drop option. As of now I’m not 100% sure of the process, but I do know that Amazon offers the opportunity to add content to the original product manufacturers in the form of specific code similar to the examples below – the best way to find out more and how to get started would be to contact your Amazon category representative, as they won’t even respond to my emails (even from a sales account). Once the system on how to add your content is clarified, though, then it’s business as usual. 🙂

Amazon A+ Examples

Edge Lighting Amazon A+ Page
LED Fixtures with detailed product comparison between models.
APC Technical Specifications Amazon A+ Page
Allow for detailed technical data for each product to encourage accurate, informed purchases.
Tetra Fish Amazon A+ Page
Add some images and background to your products – you aren’t limited to the simple few options presented by Amazon.
SofKrate Amazon A+ Page
Expanding images and charts allow for extra details to reduce returns and increase customer satisfaction.
APC Amazon A+ Page - Information
Although you have to conform to Amazon’s style, bring some of your own site’s structure to your listings.
Dingo Rawhide Amazon A+ Page
Tell the story of your brand and start finding loyal customers – nothing is more attractive than a company they can trust.