Brand Site Integration

As intimidating as it may seem, the web is ever-changing. With a more tech-savvy user and an interconnected world, separate brand sites are no longer viable – aside from being hard to maintain and develop, businesses are missing out on great cross-marketing opportunities and SEO benefits, and with an estimated $250 billion in sales in 2013, it could make or break your e-commerce.

United Pet Group is a conglomerate of brands catering to all areas of the pet market, from dogs and cats to reptiles and birds and everything in between.  They knew that pet owners often had multiple types of pets, but had little to no success in cross-marketing – in fact, users rarely knew that the sister brands were even connected.  In 2012 and 2013, they decided to overhaul all of their major sites in a giant effort to unify the shopping experience and create a single store, turning themselves into a one-stop shop for pet needs.

While only finalized in late 2013, the results were wonderful.  With a new Weekly Steals initiative and cross-brand bundle packs, users love the exposure to the new product lines, and the company loves the results.

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