The Business Backer

Small business owners know that the hardest part is getting off your feet – sometimes, the income just doesn’t cover the expenses.  Ovens break, tires burst, and Murphy’s Law reigns supreme – luckily, The Business Backer is there to help.

The Business Backer is a Cincinnati-based financing company specializing in small businesses.  Although they’ve enjoyed great success, to grow they needed to reach a larger audience and that they needed a strong web presence to do so.  With specific, blog-friendly goals in mind and the need for an easy-to-maintain CMS, the choice was clear – they would need to take advantage of the wonderful WordPress PHP framework.

Using WordPress, we developed a responsive, media-friendly website using HTML5 standards, Javascript, and advanced CMS features.  Without the risk of breaking any code, Business Backer employees can edit any of the existing content, post to the blog, add testimonials, and even collect secure business information with ease.  It automatically syndicates some of their favorite business blogs and keeps up-to-date with their strategies, media coverage, and clientele.  Like the Business Backer, custom WordPress development was simply the best solution, the lowest cost, and the easiest implementation around.


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