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I’ll be one of the first to admit it – when Storefront was first released to the public, I was a little underwhelmed. Serving as the free flagship WooCommerce theme and designed by the WooCommerce developers, it seemed like it should be packed with features! Customizations out the wazoo! Gadgets and gizmos everywhere!

Instead, Storefront turned out to be a relatively simple theme that I grew to appreciate. It’s become by far one of the most prominent themes for WooCommerce, and with good reason… With a ton of available extensions to add functionality and an incredibly flexible framework, Storefront is a wonderful theme for your WooCommerce store, big or small. Child themes give you different styling options for any niche, and the standard code means you can switch Storefront children and plugins on and off with ease, and the numerous hooks available mean you can customize it to your heart’s content.

Still, one of the most common questions I see come up with Storefront newcomers is an important one:

How do I remove the “Storefront Designed by WooThemes” text in the footer?

It’s a good question – I’ve personally never been fond of external branding, and like to keep an uncluttered footer whenever possible. Plus, after a certain amount of customization, is your version of Storefront really the same as an off-the-shelf copy? Hopefully not – for those of you with that problem, this article is for you!

There are two ways you can edit this out of your theme, so we’ll cover them both.

Hide “Storefront Designed by WooThemes” with Code

The fastest way for developers and those of you comfortable with some PHP code, we can change the footer text with a simple function. As usual, be sure you’re using a child theme, or even better, add your code through a plugin so updates to your child theme don’t override your changes (see below). If you do add code to your theme, follow the guide here to safely add it to your functions.php file. Additionally, you could use a plugin and bypass a lot of the trouble.

To remove “Storefront Designed by WooThemes” while still leaving the copyright and date in-tact, add the following code to your functions.php:

HEY! Read the above very carefully – adding code directly to your functions.php file can bring down your site if done incorrectly. There is a guide and a plugin you can use to add code above to prevent that from happening, as well as a plugin that does the work for you below. Additionally, be sure to remove the first line in the text!

If you want to remove the section entirely and not display the site name and date, then only add Line 3 - Line 9.

Hide “Storefront Designed by Woothemes” with a Plugin

If you’re not crazy about editing the files yourself (or you’re already using a purchased child theme for Storefront), you’ll need to add the code through a plugin – I’ve done the legwork and whipped it up for you. Just download one of the two versions below and you’re all set.

To hide only the “Storefront Designed by WooThemes” section from your footer and leave the Site Name and Date, download the Remove “Designed by…” Footer from Storefront” plugin here.

To hide both the “Designed by…” and the rest of the footer (the copyright symbol, your site name, and the current year), download the Remove Footer from Storefront plugin here.

Once you have your chosen file downloaded, open your WordPress Administration panel and go to Plugins > Add New. Select Upload Plugin, and in the next page, browse to the downloaded .zip file. Once it’s uploaded, activate it and refresh a page on your site – you should see the changes immediately.

Update: December 29, 2016 There is an alternate way to add code than adding it directly to your functions.php sheet – see the guide here for more information.

26 thoughts on “Remove “Storefront Designed by WooThemes””

    • sorry more detail. I chose this plugin but it removed the date as well as the Storefront Designed by WooThemes”” How can I undo this?

      • Nevermind, I have the storefront powerpack installed and was able to fix the footer info.

        fyi, I was building a site with avada and woocommerce, but changed my mind after reading your thread here:

        Using storefront and “homestore” child theme. Was considering canvas with fashonable but It seems woo has discontinued the fashionable child and I can’t find any other child themes for canvas.

        Great posts, thanks for your info

  1. Sorry for all the posts, I need to undo your plugin To hide only the “Storefront Designed by WooThemes” section from your footer and leave the Site Name and Date, download the Remove “Designed by…” Footer from Storefront” plugin here.

    It’s causing problems with my site name and date

    Is there a way to undo?

    • Sure thing – you can delete the plugin that you’ve downloaded here if you’re using the Storefront PowerPack. Then, in your PowerPack settings you can hide the “Designed by…” portion of your footer here: , and in the Copyright settings, add something like “© YourSite 2017”.

      I’ve added a request that this be added as a toggle because it would be a nice feature to have the year automatically update – no ideas if or when it gets implemented, but fingers crossed. 🙂

  2. I installed the code and it got rid of the “Storefront designed..” bit but it also changed the date on my copyright text to 2016. I then installed your other bit of code but got a fatal exception which the system picked up and stopped your plugin. I removed the second bit of code and went back to your original plugin only. I now have my copyright text with a date of 2016 but the “Storefront designed…” bit has gone ok. Any other ideas how I can update the date of my copyright text to 2017?

  3. While your code is correct, I don’t think you’ll need to use many codes to remove the footer credit notice. It can be done by using a single line code using the correct filter: For your convenience, I listed the relevant code below:

    add_filter( 'storefront_credit_link', '__return_false' );

    That’s it. Enjoy 🙂


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