WooThemes Support

Working with over 200+ WooCommerce Extensions and 30+ Themes, I would assist WooThemes and WooCommerce customers by helping them during presales, integration, and launch of their stores. Often, third party themes and plugins would come into play – I would delve into WordPress Standard PHP coding (on a good day) to hunt down issues and get their stores up and running as quickly as possible.

As part of that effort, a great deal of time was spent preemptively creating support resources, such as managing the Community Forums and taking steps to encourage WooThemes Ninjas to write their own articles to post.

Articles & Tutorials

Although this is not an exhaustive list, here are a few examples of guides and tutorials I’ve written as part of the WooThemes Support Team:

Community Manager

During a six month period, we tried new methods of communication with customers in the Community Forums – software powered by ZenDesk’s ticketing Help Desk software. During testing, we used a series of trial and error to find the best layouts and workflows to simplify the user experience and streamline support. Although ultimately we chose to take a different route, we learned important lessons on how our users want to communicate and what their priorities for the next incarnation of WooThemes support, to be launched in 2015.


Before it was retired in February 2015, @WooSupport was a short-run test to further syndicate articles written by WooThemes Ninjas and associates. There, we analyzed different types of content to find that with the highest interaction in the small ‘test market’ – those lessons of which are to be further implemented in the main @WooThemes social media account for 2015.

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