Social Sweepstakes

In 2013, marketers quickly discovered how quickly Social Media can change.  That year was a huge shift in not only the platforms, but how the users interact with them.  With changes to Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm, an emphasis was placed on interaction and communication between a page and its fans, solidifying the need for quality content like social media sweepstakes.

Facebook App Sweepstakes

In a little-known and rarely utilized feature, Facebook allows for page owners to develop onsite “Apps” – simple websites that never leave the environment.  Simple integration allows for YouTube embeds, picture galleries, and product listings, but with iframes and special development full-fledged sweepstakes can be hosted, like the Miracle Monday and You Lucky Dog Sunday sweepstakes.  Longtime fans and new users can sign up for the Facebook page and then register their e-mail for an ongoing chance at winning a great prize.  Not only does this add another possible communication with the customer, but it’s an invaluable tool for collecting e-mail addresses, one of the most effective sales tools possible.

Cross-platform Sweepstakes

The problem then was that there was no easy way to have a universal contest for all of your fans, as each social platform has a variety of rules and limitations on their content.  Using the new web platform from TogetherMobile, a responsive, mobile-first area was built that allowed users to submit pictures and content then vote on their favorites.  Gaining over 150 pictures and 44,375 votes in little under a month, the HOWL-oween costume contest was a great step towards connecting all of the client’s social media accounts and gave a great, easy way for the increasing mobile userbase to connect.

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