Social Media Management

Social Media is everywhere – on billboards, on commercials, and even on business cards, marketers are driving people to their Facebook pages and Twitter feeds increasingly more often than their dedicated website.  Unfortunately, most marketers don’t know what to do once they’ve gotten a potential customer to give a ‘Like’.

There is some good news – using typical marketing tactics and high-end analytics software, web-savvy brands are able to build dedicated consumer followings, increase customer satisfaction, and in some cases build great content for their future promotions.

In my time managing social media, I’ve built and executed full marketing plans that span the major social networks, in-store branding, and video integration.  Using cross-channel analytics and good old fashioned number crunching, you can see how your social media impacts your brand, and find if what you’re currently doing is helping or hurting your cause.

I’d love to take a look at what your brand page is doing and give my thoughts – feel free to contact me for details or to get started improving your brand!

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