“The Bank Job” – A Text-Based Western Adventure Game

This short, text-based game was written by Danny Santoro using the Twine engine (Harlowe scripting style) in January, 2017. It was designed as part of a competition held by Telltale Games (the creators of some very popular “choose-your-own-adventure” style games) in search for potential writers to attend their writer’s workshop in early March.

While unfortunately I didn’t get chosen to attend this workshop, it was a learning experience and taught me a little bit about making these kinds of games – having multiple endings and backup plans for backup plans, giving users as much possible choice while eventually coming back to a somewhat standard ending in order to tell a narrative. I do plan on building another kind of these games, though I’ll likely use the ChoiceScript engine, as it’s a little more robust (although lacking the GUI of Twine).

The game will remain available for as long as possible – feel free to play!

Play “The Bank Job” – A Western Adventure


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