Come say hi at WordCamp Columbus 2015!

I can safely say that 2015 has been a total whirlwind of WordCamps – I’m up to three speaking events and four WordCamps total, and we’ve only just hit the halfway point of the year… I think Delta is really starting to love me, guys. 🙂

If you weren’t able to attend my talk at WordCamp Dayton (available to view here) or WordCamp Philly (right here), then you’ve got another chance at WordCamp Columbus 2015!

At 4 PM on Saturday, July 18, I’ll be presenting my talk – “Harnessing the Power of WordPress Plugins” at OSU (go UC). It continues a similar line of thought to the rest of the talks so far this year, which are aimed at enabling you to build entire, highly-complex websites in WordPress without ever touching a line of PHP. Great for beginners, designers, and store owners alike, I’m going to shake this one up a little bit by giving a few examples, but opening the floor to all of you to put me in the hotseat.

How so? Allow me to explain! I can go over creative implementations of WordPress all day and never run out of topics, but a lot of the time that won’t really apply to you. Maybe you don’t need a subscription shop, or maybe you don’t want a database. So, we’ll cover the very basics of what WordPress really is, how it works, and introduce some great tools to get you started developing… And then, the floor is yours.

  • Got an idea for a site, but not sure if you can pull it off? Sure you can! Bring it up and we’ll all collaborate to figure out a cheap, effective, DIY solution.
  • Have a site but wish it had just that one little feature that would make it shine? Let’s make you a gameplan and get you up and running!
  • Want to try and prove I’m wrong with a curveball, far-out there idea? Bring it on (though preferably not too hard, because it sure does get hot up there sometimes)!

It should be a really fun talk, and I’ll be posting more information at a later date.

Until then, head on over to the WordCamp Columbus site and grab your ticket. Check out the awesome speaker lineup, a lot of whom I’m excited to meet myself. Get pumped to hear from another WooCommerce Ninja, the one and only Caleb Burks. It’ll be one hell of a time.

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