If you have any questions regarding support for one of my plugins, downloads, packages, or other work, then please fill out the form below. Please include as much detail as possible in the Comment section, and also re-add your site URL, name, etc. This is sent to a support desk system, and while I can check on this site for the form it’s much faster to include it in the comment. 🙂

Plugin development is done in whatever time I can devote to it so my responses may be be sporadic, but I’ll do my absolute best to get to it as soon as I can. Please do not use this form to offer services like development, SEO, or anything else – it’s meant purely to provide a quick and reliable way to get help with any issues you may be having with code or solutions I’ve provided.

If you reached this page in error and want to contact me about something else, then please head over to the Contact page.

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