WC Password Strength Settings Plugin

This plugin adds a new area to your WooCommerce installation in the WooCommerce > Settings > Accounts page to control the required WooCommerce Password Strength for new users. This allows store owners to either enforce only the strongest passwords, let anything slide, and a range of options in-between.

WC Password Strength Settings - Field Display

As of Version 2.0.0, the plugin includes a variety of user-requested features:

  • Allow selection of required password strength from 1 to 4 (using the built-in zxcvbn library)
  • Allows owners to change messaging for each level, as well as password strength hint text
  • Allows customization of colors with a built-in jQuery color selector
  • Allows users to hide the hint text or disable emoticons as needed for their brand

When applied, it integrates wherever User passwords can be accepted fluidly:

WC Password Strength Settings - Display



To download, head over to the plugin’s WordPress.org repository.

If you’d like to contribute by reporting a bug, requesting a feature, or adding an improvement, then check out the GitHub repository.

For a guide on how to get started, view the documentation wiki found on GitHub.