How to Safely Add Code to your Theme’s Functions File

If you’ve ever spent some time looking desperately through Google to find a tweak, customization, or modification to get just right, you’ve undoubtedly ran across an article or thread where the answer was to add a function. These are brief snippets of PHP code that modify output – I even mention functions in a lot of … Read more

WordCamp Dayton 2016

On March 4th and March 5th, I got to speak at WordCamp Dayton 2016! As a twist, this year there were actually two presentations, an impromptu talk on WordPress 101 with my fellow Automatticians and a prepared talk about small business success online. This page will be updated as I get videos and more information, but … Read more

Understanding WooCommerce Template Overrides

One of the most common issues I see with WooCommerce sites are template overrides. In this article I want to first establish what a template override is, how it gets on your site, and how to either address or fix the issue. [toc] What is a Template Override? A template override simply means that a … Read more

WordPress “Image Cannot Be Loaded” Error

I recently came across a site that threw me for a loop – in it, I was able to create products and add images just fine, but I was receiving a strange error – when I clicked on the product image or any gallery image, I was given an error stating: Image cannot be loaded. … Read more

WordCamp Vegas 2015 – Slides

Hello WordCamp Vegas attendeesĀ (and the WordCampers that couldn’t actually attend inLas Vegas)! There was a lot to take in with my #WCLV talk on “Unleashing WordPress”, so I’ve uploaded the slides here with hopefully the video once it becomes available. If you have any questions, comments, feedback, or ideas, feel free to add them … Read more

Troubleshooting WooCommerce Issues – Where to Start

As a lot of people with WooCommerce on a .org site know, things may break. Sometimes conflicts arise when third party themes or extensions are used. Updates might break a custom feature or hook installed. An extension may not display how it should. You might experience slowdown. The possibilities are endless, but there are a … Read more

Change the Shop Title in WooCommerce

In this quick code snippet, we’ll talk about how to change your storefront’s shop title in WooCommerce. By default, it is set as simply “Shop”. One would think working with WordPress that we’d only have to change the name of the Shop page – unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work that way. Since the issue has … Read more