New Plugin: Blog Slug to News

As my second WordPress plugin, Blog Slug to News adds a simple feature that changes all mention of the term “blog” throughout the site to “news” – since blogging still has an unprofessional stigma, a huge amount of clients felt “news” was more appropriate. This can be used by site owners, developers, or anyone who wants to … Read more

WooCommerce Conference Highlights Video

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to attend the WooCommerce Conference in sunny San Francisco – working with the A/V team, we put together a quick WooCommerce Conference Highlights video on what everyone missed out on, slow-mo jenga and bloody marys included. Don’t worry though – follow the blog so you can come next year!

We got two scenes in Star Wars Uncut!

YOU GUYS. I’M SO EXCITED. Almost two years ago, I grabbed some friends over the weekend and directed two scenes for Star Wars Uncut, a fan-made recreation of The Empire Strikes Back split into 15 second segments. Just last night, I got news that it’s finally releasing… And that both of my scenes made it in! That’s … Read more